The International Association

for People with Autism



Founded 1998

in Zurich, Switzerland




The Worldwide Autism Association WAA was founded in the community centre Hottingen in Zurich, Switzerland in 1998. The association is an international self-help organisation for people with autism who wish to meet others with the same condition, talk about their experiences and difficulties in everyday life.

Each member will receive an address list and, if desired, can enlist his/her own address. Addresses will not be passed on without permission.

The main goal of our association is the newsletter �Bottlemail�, which is mainly written by people with autism. It is published in German and English in irregular intervals and sent to members and sponsors.

Furthermore, an event with speeches by experts on autism and people with autism and following discussions is held once a year.


President:                             Patrick Frey

Vice-President:                    Anita Furrer

Editor �Bottle-mail�:         Patrick Frey (Head Editor),   Matthias Huber, Sarah Melanie G.

Actuary:                                Danila Hänzi

Treasurer:                            Peter Hess





People with autism from all over the world...

-  can add their address to our address list

-  will receive a free copy of the latest �Bottle-mail�

-  may communicate with each other by e-mail or post

-  can share their experiences

-  will be informed about annual events



Everyone interested in our association may become a sponsor.

Sponsors receive...

-  a copy of the �Bottle-mail� newsletter

-  information about our yearly events


Would this be something for you?

Just fill out the form below.







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___Member (diagnosed with autism)



1.   Last Name / First Name:

2.   Address:

3.   Postal code, City:                                     Country:              

4.   Phone / Fax no.:

5.   E-mail Address:

6.   Date of Birth:

7.   Native Language:  

8.   Other Languages: 

9.   Form of Autism: 

10. Interests:

11. FC-Communication?

12.  I would like to receive the �Bottle-mail� newsletter in:

German                                English


13.  I would like my address to be added to the list:

yes                                        no


Place and Date:                                  Signature:



Please send to:

snail mail: Patrick Frey, oberer Promenadenweg 4, 31010 Munsingen/BE, SWITZERLAND

or via e-mail:


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